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DAY 14: Departure from Sakaide

TIME 2018-09-02 Sunday 2200 (UTC+8)
LOCATION AT SEA, 33 36,8’N / 135 30,9’E

Slight wind (ESE force 3), moderate sea, good visibility, +25 degrees, 1009 mbar

In the morning we raised the anchor. The race is on to leave the typhoon behind us. Prognosis shows that it will try to chase us on our route to the northeast. So far it seems that it might have some slippery roads and typhoon Jebi has missed her turn so that the worst part will not be on us, but this will be seen. Outbound pilotage was much more relaxing as there were not so many places where you needed to put your 100 per cent effort. A nice gesture from Osaka Bay sea pilot was a couple of funny Pilot-Japan-anime type postcards and sweets. Late afternoon it was time to say farewell to Japan and our long voyage to Oxelösund started.

I made some personal preparations for the voyage, just to mention liquorice sweets which are nice to have during late hours. An adequate amount of books (also something else than pilot books) for reading and enough woollen socks. One cannot enter northern waters without homemade woollen socks.

Haaga maiden voyage - 69