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Together towards greener shipping

We provide our customers several ways to reduce emissions of their sea transports and a portal for emission tracking. 

Virtual Arrival - reduce emissions up to 25% without extra cost

Virtual Arrival provides a completely free way to reduce your transport emissions up to 25% in a single sea leg. After a completed voyage, we provide you a calculation of saved bunker and emissions.

The basic idea of Virtual Arrival is to reduce a vessel’s speed to meet revised arrival time if it is known that the berth will not be free on arrival. Regardless of the actual arrival time, the vessel still retains its place in the line-up based on the arrival time in normal service speed.

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Switch to renewable marine fuel  - available across the fleet today

Our whole fleet is able to use Neste's co-processed marine fuel,  sustainable drop-in marine fuel that can reduce GHG emissions by up to 80% over the lifecycle when compared to fossil fuels.

The fuel is produced using ISCC PLUS certified raw materials such as used cooking oil, animal fat or vegetable oils, reducing our dependency on fossil resources.

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Combine biogas and renewable marine diesel for zero emission shipping

Our LNG-powered vessels Viikki and Haaga are the most energy-efficient vessels in our fleet and fully compatible to use 100% renewable liquefied biogas as a main fuel.  LBG reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 85 per cent compared to fossil fuels. 

By combining liquefied biogas and Neste's co-processed marine fuel as a pilot fuel, these ecosmart vessels can achieve zero tank to wake emissions.

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Track your emissions in our customer portal

In order to provide an easy way for  customers to understand the carbon footprint of their shipments, we have launched customer portal for our contact customers. In the portal, customers can track their emissions and cargo volumes, all in one place. Data can be exported for further analysis, too.

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New vessels reduce emissions up to 50%

 Our subsidiary AtoB@C Shipping has ordered twelve 5,350 dwt battery hybrid vessels of which the first ones have already been delivered. New vessels are market leaders in terms of cargo capacity, technology and innovation. Ice class 1A vessels are equipped with battery technology and shore power connection which enable emission-free and noise-free port visits.

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Delivered in 2018, our ecosmart LNG-powered 25,000 dwt vessels
Viikki and Haaga are the demonstration how we are able to achieve significant emissions reductions per cargo ton meeting already today IMO’s -50% target for 2050. The use of LNG combined to numerous other energy saving measures results over 50% less CO2-emissions compared to previous vessel generation.


We are at your service!

We are dedicated to providing exceptional service, and our experienced chartering team is here to assist you every step of the way. Feel free to reach out to us by sending an email to or by giving us a call. We look forward to serving you!

Mark Olesen Head of Handy Chartering Mobile: +46 70 9199 116
Juha Ylitalo Head of Renewable Energy and Project Shipments Mobile: +358 40 520 0928
Urmas Sepp Chartering Manager Direct: +358 9 521 9911 Mobile: +358 40 837 7929
Petri Ylikangas Chartering Manager Direct: +358 9 521 9919 Mobile: +358 50 505 8575