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Providing support for the company's strategic work and selecting the Managing Director are key tasks of Board of Directors. The Board of Directors evaluates the future opportunities and capabilities of the business, on the basis of which it defines the targets and the indicators used to monitor them.

The CEO of Aspo Plc acts as the chair of Board of Directors, and the other members are external experts. The area of expertise and experience of each board member have been evaluated based on ESL Shipping's development stage and needs.

Board of Directors

Rolf Jansson, chairman
Mikko Niini
Kimmo Nordström
Ulla Tapaninen

Management team

Mikki Koskinen, Managing Director

Janne Eklöf, Technical Director
Mikko Rausti, Sea Personnel, Quality & Safety Director
Frida Rowland, Corporate Business Development Director
Petter Ruda, Chief Financial Officer
Toni Rönnberg, Commercial Director
Kirsi Ylärinne, Operations and Environmental Director