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DAY 15: At sea, East Coast of Japan

TIME 2018-09-03 Monday 2200 (UTC+8)
LOCATION AT SEA, 35 10,8’N / 140 40,3’E

Slight breeze (SSW force 3), moderate sea, rolling easily due to southernly swell +26 degrees, 1008 mbar


212 nm

Morning weather forecast from coastal radios relieved a big burden from my shoulders. It seems that we were fast enough to leave Japan in time and now we only encounter the tail of the Jebi which will slam on the 5th with gale force winds. Breeze is coming from astern and therefore it will cause some rolling. The thing why I like bulk carriers is that usually, the stability of the vessel is quite nice. Especially now this full coke cargo makes GM (metacentric height) to be on a good range. It means that we don’t have to be on a roller coast ride but neither it does the vessel to lean on another side like on some container vessels.

Before gale, we have little time to take it easy. The crew has been performing extremely well so we decided to arrange a small BBQ party. Cook prepared all kind of dishes, way too much for one guy to even taste them all. This guy is amazing. Well, so are the rest of the people as well. Fitter prepared BBQ grill from nothing and the deck department made decorations and physical work. The evening was very nice with a gentle breeze and a beautiful sunset.

Haaga maiden voyage - 81-1