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Careers at ESL Shipping

Looking for a job at sea? We are always looking for talented employees!

Work onboard

- Our owned vessels sail under Finnish flag and official working language onboard is English
- Our normal work routine is 3-6 weeks onboard followed by the same time period at home
- We often search suitable candidates from our application database
- As our vessels often use their own cranes for loading or discharging, having a licence to operate ship's cranes is beneficial but not mandatory.
- Our Filipino crew members are employed through PTC.

Work ashore

- We offer various positions for example in Ship Management, Crewing, Operations and Chartering.
- Good command of English is required in all positions, other language skills are considered as a merit.
- Our head office is located in Helsinki and depot in Raahe. Our subsidiary AtoB@C Shipping has offices in Ystad, Norrköping, Luleå and Raahe.

If you are looking for a job at AtoB@C Shipping, please fill in application on their website.

Open positions onboard

Open positions ashore

Open positions, AtoB@C Shipping

Tips for good open application for sea personnel:

  • Fill in as much details as possible of your certificates and experience.
  • When are you available and how quickly? The more information you can provide us the better!

Please make sure that your relevant documents such as seaman's passport, CoC and CoP are up-to-date. You can find more information concerning CoP from the website of Finnish Transport and Communications Agency (Traficom). From their website you will also find information about possible renewal of your certificates. If you have been granted higher license since your previous application, please let us know by leaving us a new open application.

If you are still studying and have a chance to get a driving license for ships' crane (e.g. Rauma and Kotka in Finland), we highly recommend it!

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