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Ship-to-ship operations

We have performed ship-to-ship operations since 1981 and helped our clients maximise the efficiency of their ocean transports.

Ship-to-ship operations at sea

We have performed ship-to-ship operations since 1981. Our vessels of 13,000-25,000 dwt are equipped with side-mounted cranes and have been designed so that they can work next to another ship, even in challenging conditions. They are all equipped with fenders and sufficiently tall and long-armed cranes to operate effectively and safely.

In addition, we have four 13,500 dwt barges, which can be used as lightering vessel when ocean carrier is equipped with cranes.

Large ocean carriers cannot take full cargo in many of the largest export ports in the Baltic Sea due to draft limitations. By using our efficient shuttle vessels you can maximise the intake and benefit from economies of scale. To further maximise the intake, we can also offer topping after Danish Straits in Skaw where no draft limits apply for mother vessel.

Lightering with two vessels

In November 2022, our 20,000-tonners, Eira and Alppila, undertook the task of lightering the supramax Arkadia on the Helsinki roads. The amount of lightering required exceeded the capacity of a single vessel, prompting the decision to employ both Eira and Alppila simultaneously aimed at minimizing idle time.

By utilising two vessels in tandem, we achieved optimal efficiency and ensured a seamless lightering operation.

Topping operation at Skagen

Large Capesize vessels face limitations when it comes to loading full capacity from the ports in the Baltic Sea since they need to navigate through the Danish Straits. By conducting the final topping operation in Skagen, these ocean carriers can be loaded up to their maximum draft, enabling them to carry the highest possible load.

In an operation involving the vessel Southern Harmony, our 20,000-tonner Eira and 25,000-tonner Haaga played a crucial role in providing the last topping off. This operation ensured that the ocean carrier was filled to its maximum capacity before embarking on its journey. 


Lightering of a supramax in Skagen

Due to the draft limitations in the Danish Straits and some of the ports in Northern Germany, Skagen is an ideal location for lightering operations due to the shelter provided by the Jutland peninsula.

By employing this efficient approach, not only do we optimize the cargo intake of large ocean carriers, but we also enhance their overall operational efficiency. In this operation, our 25,000-tonner Viikki lightered supramax Arkadia bound for Bremen, Germany.

Pusher barge as a lightering vessel

When the vessel requiring lightering is equipped with its own cranes, our efficient 13,500 dwt pusher barges are the perfect solution for lightering.

These barges are equipped to handle the complex task of lightering, providing a seamless transfer of cargo in the Bay of Bothnia area.

We are at your service!

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