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DAY 12: Sakaide Anchorage, Japan

TIME 2018-08-31 Friday 2200 (UTC+8)
WEATHER Cloudy, WSW force 3 +29C, 1008 mbar

Repairs of the Iridium satellite system were done on time purely because our head office made enormous effort arranging spare satellite antenna and deck kit to Haaga. Unluckily the time window to order outbound inner sea pilot closed in front of our bow and we had to take a place in the line.

The pilot was organized for us only after some days. This waiting was something I really didn’t want to do. Typhoon has grown bigger and the weather forecast shows figures equal to a super typhoon. This usually means at least some deaths and severe damages at the shore and for the ship, it is not also something you want to encounter. Track of the typhoon will become more accurate the closer it will come to your position.

To be on a safe side, the crew started to double and triple check all stores, spare parts, loose items and even to prepare where to keep coffee mugs in case of the storm is on our way – or – if we are on the storm’s way... Warnings have been made that up to one million citizens must be evacuated to safer locations.