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Vessel portal enhances decision-making onboard

ESL Shipping has recently unveiled Vessel Portal designed exclusively for the crews of our vessels. This innovative portal utilises the same advanced platform and data that is accessible to our clients in Customer Portal. The introduction of this portal marks a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to seamlessly integrate sustainability into the daily operations and decision-making processes both onboard and ashore.

“In the light of Carbon Intensity Indicator and EU Emission Trading for shipping both coming into force on January 1st, equipping our Captains and crew members with the necessary tools to comprehend the significance of their decisions made onboard is of utmost importance to us. By doing so, we empower them to make informed choices that align with our sustainability objectives and contribute to the greater success of our operations”, says Operations & Environmental Director Kirsi Ylärinne.

Up until now, the officers on board our vessels have provided us with significant amounts of information, yet they have received little in return. However, with the implementation of this portal, our dedicated crews now have the ability to access comprehensive statistics and data pertaining to the performance of their vessels. Moreover, they can compare their performance with that of sister vessels, allowing for meaningful benchmarking.

To learn more about the upcoming regulations, we encourage you to visit our website. In a previous article, we delved into the steps we have taken to effectively prepare for these new regulations.

For more information, please contact:
Kirsi Ylärinne
Operations & Environmental Director
tel. +358 9 521 9990,