ESL Shipping’s name has been misused

ESL Shipping 26.01.2018

It has come to our knowledge that ESL Shipping’s name has been misused in connection with fictitious international ship purchase agreements.

ESL Shipping has reported to the police. The investigation is still pending.

Further information:
Mikki Koskinen, Managing Director, ESL Shipping Ltd
tel. +358 50 351 7791


ESL Shippingin nimeä väärinkäytetty


Tietoomme on tullut, että ESL Shippingin nimeä on väärinkäytetty tekaistujen kansainvälisten laivakauppasopimusten osapuolena.

Yhtiö on tehnyt asiasta ilmoituksen poliisille. Asian tutkinta on kesken.

Mikki Koskinen, toimitusjohtaja, ESL Shipping Oy
puh. + 358 50 351 7791



ESL Shipping

ESL Shipping Ltd is the leading carrier of dry bulk cargoes in the Baltic region. Our main clients are the power generation, steel and chemical industries to whom we carry raw materials such as coal, iron ore and limestone. ESL Shipping Ltd has been in business 70 years and is a subsidiary of Aspo Plc