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ESL Shipping awarded as Safest Workplace in 2014

Alandia Marine has awarded ESL Shipping as the Safest Working Place in Shipping in 2014 in the insurance company's annual competition.

The jury selected ESL Shipping thanks to its development and improvement of the working environment and the number of reported loss occurrences compared to the number of employees. In addition to these criteria, the insurance company's selection was based on the statements of the shipping company's office employees and ship work safety committees on any practices or methods carried out or adopted in recent years to control occupational safety and health risks.

In previous years, Alandia Marine's Safest Working Place Award has been distributed in three categories (passenger ships, freight carriers and office staff). From 2012, these were combined into a single category. The winner is selected from among all of the company's insured customers.

The awards ceremony was held at the Maritime Event in Mariehamn on May 15, 2014.