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Barge Espa to become a floating beach and events area for the summer

ESL Shipping’s barge Espa becomes a floating beach and events center for Hernesaaren ranta events area in southern Helsinki for the coming summer. The chartering agreement between event management company Starsquad and ESL Shipping lasts around four weeks in August.

The Beachboard event arranged by Starsquad and takes place between 5 th and 21 st August. During the charter, the Espa will boast a beach area of 1 000 square meters, BMX Freestyle jump to the sea, climbing wall above the sea and stand for 2 000 spectators as well as VIP Lounge area.  Onboard will be seen competitions in different sports, namely in Beach Volley, BeachFutis, FootVolley, Bouldering ja BMX Freestyle.

Further information:

Mikki Koskinen, Managing Director, ESL Shipping Ltd, +358 9 5211 or +358 50 3517791,

Satu Heikkilä, Head of Marketing, Starsquad, +358 40 869 1111,