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intErested in a job at sea?

ESL Shipping provides challenging and an interesting working environment for maritime professionals. Do you have a driving licence for ships' crane or can you communicate in Russian? Leave us an open application and let us know, we might be looking for You! 

Tips for good open application

  • Attach as many attachments as possible (copies of your medical examination, passports, certificates etc.)
  • When are you available and how quickly? The more information you can provide us the better!

Please make sure that your seaman's passport, CoC and CoP are up-to-date. You can find more information concerning CoP from the website of Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi (in Finnish). Please also find information about possible renewal of your certificate from Trafi's website (in Finnish). If you have been granted higher licence since your previous application, please let us know by leaving us a new open application.

If you are still studying and have a chance to get a driving licence for ships' crane (e.g. Rauma and Kotka in Finland), we highly recommend it!

Updated 28.02.2019

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