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Superior energy efficiency

As we have told in previous posts, a huge amount of effort has been put to design newbuildings as energy efficient and environmentally sound as possible.

On remarkable feature is hybrid propulsion. Ships with Finnish-Swedish ice class 1A are required to have certain amount of power and this is traditionally produced by main engines. This extra power is though useless most part of the year as the sea is open, which results more or less increased consumption.

In the newbuildings, this issue is solved by installing main engine that provides enough power to achieve design speed in open water. Additional power required in ice conditions is produced by auxiliary engines that are connected to main shaft by permanent magnet shaft generator delivered by Finnish WE Tech. In a power take in mode the system converts auxiliary generator power to propulsion power by employing the direct-drive permanent magnet shaft generator as an electrical motor. This gives an additional boost of 1 250 kW resulting a combined shaft line power of 7 250 kW.

Power take in mode helps to optimize fuel consumption in different conditions and result remarkable savings in open water compared to previous generation of vessels. The system can also be used in opposite direction: in the power take out mode the shaft generator can provide up to 700 kW electricity for the vessel’s electrical network.

LED-lightning may sound a small thing but still it provides some valuable savings in energy consumption. Additionally, LED-bulbs are more durable than conventional ones resulting less need for maintenance and better environmental performance too.

Shore side power supply capability shall be installed onboard enabling zero emissions when at port. The system is enough for full hotel load, ballast pump and treatment system as well as for one mooring winch.