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New Supramax carriers have proven their strength

In 2012, ESL Shipping received two Supramax vessels of 56,000 dwt – m/s Arkadia and m/s Kumpula. The vessels are interchangeable, which improves reliability, and ensures flexible and efficient operations. Both vessels have built-in cranes. The length of the vessels is 197 meters and maximum draft with a full cargo is 13.0 meters. Both sail under the Finnish flag.

The Supramax carriers have fulfilled all of their expectations. The vessels are operated efficiently in all water conditions. Arkadia and her sister vessel m/s Kumpula were the first 1A ice-strengthened dry cargo vessels in their class. Both are tailor-made for the cargo traffic in the Baltic Sea area and for operations in demanding conditions. This provides us with excellent competitive benefits over transportation in Arctic regions. For example, the demanding conditions in the Northern Sea Route require a modern and technically advanced fleet.

In Arctic areas, environmental aspects are also emphasized. Both Arkadia and Kumpula are equipped with ballast water cleaning systems. What is also significant is our experience: reliable operations in demanding conditions are highly valuable.

One challenge on the Northern Sea Route is that it is open, for now for a relatively short time – from July to October– November in an average year. However, that period is perfect for ESL Shipping because, at that time, its home market – the Baltic Sea – is open. Therefore, the ice-strengthened vessels could be utilized in demanding conditions around the year. 

M/s Arkadia and m/s Kumpula - technical details:
Tonnage 56.348 dwt
Length 197.08 m
Breadth 32.26 m
Draft 13.00 m
Ice class 1A