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Efficient and smooth cargo handling

In order to enable newbuildings to handle cargo independently, ESL Shipping has used a lot of time to design cargo handling equipment and arrangements to enable smooth and efficient cargo handling in all situations.

Hatch covers open the whole length of the cargo holds instead of opening conventionally to both ends of a cargo hold. The chosen design enables smooth cargo handling as cranes can operate almost without restrictions because there is no need to lift the grab over the hatch cover. This change in the arrangements makes loading and discharge faster and safer.

MacGregor will deliver hatch covers, cranes, deck machinery and steering gear to the newbuildings. For each vessel MacGregor will deliver three K3030-4 mechanical grab cargo cranes with a safe working load of 30 tons at 30 metres outreach. In addition, the delivery includes a design and key components package for multi-folding-type hatch covers, arranged as 6+6 panels for three holds, electrically-driven Hatlapa deck machinery and Porsgrunn steering gear.