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DAY 44: Oxelösund - here we are


2018-10-02 Tuesday 1805 (UTC+3)


Cloudy, good visibility, slight breeze, (SW force 4), +8 degrees, 998 mbar


7706 nm

Oxelösund – here we are. Relieved, partly speechless, happy and again with mixed feelings. Over the trees I can see the familiar church tower which can be used for reference point while approaching harbor. It’s grey, concrete and very solid. Maiden voyage of our good ship is now at the destination. We were warmly welcomed by harbor staff and they even brought us cake I really can recommend to anybody if ever nearby this lovely city.

I will now hand over Haaga to my colleague who will take care of the her in his turn. To home I will carry lots of memories from this trip but also from China. It was not a journey to home just for the ship but also for me. I’m happy to be able to share it with this wonderful crew. This is the last entry of the log book for this one voyage across the Arctic.

Thank you for reading.

Haaga maiden voyage - 199