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DAY 40: Westernmost point of the route

TIME 2018-09-28 Friday 2200 (UTC+3)
LOCATION AT SEA, 60 50,0’N / 004 01,8'E

Cloudy, good visibility, moderate breeze, slight sea (WNW force 4), +11 degrees, 1022 mbar


6735 nm

This is the westernmost point of our route. It means that we have been travelling half of the globe now. I think this is the real confirming sea trial for us. We have also reached now the SECA-area where the ship is designed to sail. This area is special considering environmental aspects and this voyage has proved that we’re capable to perform here also in the future. We still need slight expected adjustments to the systems such as the main engine and LNG-plant, but it looks like more or less we received what we ordered. The most important knowledge is that ship is very flexible to use, and the crew has always at least couple of ways to do the same thing with it.

Ships, in general, are not fully ready when delivered but rather have a period of about a year to be fully operational. Owner’s deliveries are received in Europe and group of service engineers will attend on board. Among these are cargo crane service engineers who will now make sure by fine-tuning that cranes perform with our intended cargo. We will also have some upgrades to equipment and most importantly, the crew will continue their familiarization to achieve the maximum possible efficiency. Altogether it is a delicate process and as itself is a very interesting period.