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DAY 37: Waiting for weather improvement

TIME 2018-09-25 Tuesday 2200 (UTC+3)
LOCATION AT SEA, 68 29,7’N / 009 53,1'E

Cloudy sky, moderate visibility, gale & rough seas (W force 5), +8 degrees, 994 mbar


6211 nm

Now we are just waiting here for the weather to improve. Yesterday the wind was from starboard side with quite rough waves, but the ship still behaved well. Partly because of the cargo in the holds but the significant influence is also that ship’s hull which appears to be well designed.

We are sailing at the latitudes of Norway’s Lofoten Islands - I still remember those car trips as a child with my family to Mo I Rana and along the coast of Norway – the fresh scrimps… We have all been thinking of our families as it has now been a rather long time since a good connection to shore. Everybody has lots of things to update and chat about. So do I. My dear spouse Annika is amazing, I have to say. For us, it is normal to spend half of the year apart but every time we meet again we can continue our relationship from the situation it was left last time we met. It doesn’t feel at all that we have been together so long time already. She has been supporting me so much in this project that at least half of our success is hers. She truly is my lighthouse in the dark to guide me home.