DAY 30: Icebergs in sight!

Jussi Vaahtikari 07.08.2019
TIME 2018-09-18 Tuesday 2200 (UTC+8)
LOCATION AT SEA, 76 56,1’N / 119 54,1'E

Overcast sky, moderate visibility, fresh breeze (NNW force 5), moderate sea, +0,3 degrees, 1013 mbar


4354 nm

Turquoise tigers... As our voyage heads more to the north the air temperature drops and the presence of the icebergs is imminent.  Ice floes at the south or the Baltic Sea are small babies to these silent giants. Just like a tree has yearly rings, so does an iceberg. It has beautiful tripes along its surface marking all the snowstorms and summers during the formation of the glacier. Colours also show many other things. Scientists can detect eruptions of the volcanoes, mild seasons and even some flower seeds if they drill deep hole to glaciers. Therefore, these giants can be used to understand more about our common past. Unfortunately, one can discover also the pollution and black coal on the latest layers which makes one think more carefully our future and choices we make. Thinking the long history of the iceberg, this slow drift is somehow sad but glorious. As last favour to nature, it offers shelter for some seagulls who use it as a temporary fishing platform.



Jussi Vaahtikari

Jussi Vaahtikari is Master of m/v Haaga. He has participated to the construction of Viikki and Haaga since the design phase and he was also part of the supervision team in China during the construction phase.

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