ESL Shipping's geared vessels are especially designed to operate in the demanding conditions of the Baltic Sea. The ice-strengthened and relatively shallow-draft ships are able to load and unload vessels at sea.


ESL Shipping is the leading shipping company transporting dry bulk cargo in the Baltic Sea. We secure raw material transportation for the industry and energy production around the year, even under difficult weather conditions. This makes us an integral part of our customers' logistics chain. We have been in business close to 70 years and are a subsidiary of Aspo Plc.

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Self-Discharging vessels

All of ESL Shipping’s vessels are equipped with cranes to make them independent of the loading and unloading services offered at ports. This makes port visits faster and operations more efficient. In addition, ESL Shipping’s vessels have been designed so that they can work right next to another ship, even in challenging conditions enabling loading and unloading at sea.

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ESL Shipping’s fleet comprises 18 vessel units with a combined total deadweight tonnage of about 281,000 tons.

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