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ESL Shipping
Sustainability Report

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Driving green growth in a sustainable way

We have again witnessed amazing developments in our company operations since our last sustainability report was published about one year ago.

Our strategic goal is to create infrastructure to enable the green transition of Nordic industries. For this, we need to be the forerunner in low-carbon technologies, introduce new business models and also new, sustainable financial instruments. All this is needed to create successful long-term industrial partnerships.

Our capability to accelerate our green transition was recently strengthened by an equity injection from investors, who put great value on sustainability and share the same future growth vision with us. All this enabled us to commit to the Science- Based Targets initiative, taking us to net-zero emissions by 2040. Last year we also achieved a gold medal in Ecovadis sustainability assessment underlining that our performance is on a high level in all dimensions of sustainability.

Our latest customer satisfaction survey results clearly proved we are on the right track and that our efforts towards green shipping are recognised by our clients. They place us among sustainability leaders in our field of business.

For us, sustainability is also the commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. As part of this commitment, we have recently released our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy. Everyone in our organization needs to work hard to be supportive of different groups of individuals, including people of different races, ethnicities, religions, abilities, genders and sexual orientations. And supporting this is easy, as various research conducted by top institutions shows that companies which are more diverse and pay attention to equity and inclusion, are simply more successful.

I would like to thank all our employees onboard and ashore for your dedication and hard work. You made all this happen!

Mikki Koskinen
Managing Director

Our ESG Strategy

Our ESG targets demonstrate our ambition to be the industry forerunner in sustainability. Our goal is to be a pioneer in technological solutions, sustainability and quality of service. Sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint are at the core of our business and we have openly reported our progress in the annual sustainability report which has been published since 2017.

We are committed to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Based on our strategy work and our targets, we have determined SDGs where we can have a significant impact.

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Tornio ferrochrome works small

Outokumpu and AtoB@C Shipping collaborate for significant emission reductions

Reliable and sustainable sea transports are crucial for connecting Outokumpu’s facilities in Europe.

AtoB@C Shipping’s new energy-efficient Green Coaster–hybrid vessels will play a key role in reducing emissions. New plug-in hybrid vessels are equipped with the latest technology, and together with improved efficiency in Outokumpu’s supply chain they are estimated to reduce voyage emissions by 40% per transported cargo ton compared to the present vessel generation.

“Using Green Coaster vessels will be a competitive advantage, setting Outokumpu apart in the market as a leader in green transition in the stainless steel industry. This can be particularly important for our customers where concrete climate actions are increasingly influencing their purchasing decisions”, says van Dodewaard.

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