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We need them all

"Effects of climate change are clearly visible around us. The good news is that shipping is by far the most environmental friendly transportation mode. Our company as well as the whole shipping industry is committed to reducing emissions. The IMO CO2-emissions reduction target, 50% by 2050, is possible only by using a wide range of alternative fuels. We simply do not have one optimal solution for the problem and all alternatives have their pros and cons. 

Our company’s main environmental target for 2020 is to perform large scale trials using biodiesel and biogas in our ships. We are in discussions with various stakeholders regarding how these trials could be performed in the best possible way, delivering best environmental value and how the costs and benefits should be shared", writes Managing Director Mikki Koskinen.



As can be seen from year-to-year statistics, distance travelled has nearly doubled since last year due to acquisition of AtoB@C Shipping and newbuildings Viikki and Haaga. Resulting from the acquisition of AtoB@C Shipping we have added a large number of smaller vessels to our fleet. This is also clearly visible in our environmental performance indicators, where we see an increase in emissions per cargo unit.

Shipping is regulated business

Read more about new global sulphur limit, how vessel emissions are monitored and reported and how emissions to the sea are reduced through Ballast Water Management convention.

Viikki_Helsinki dep_2019-04-02_DJI_0266-0-2

Five-star rating for Viikki and Haaga

Our climate-smart newbuildings Viikki and Haaga received the best five-star rating from Clean Shipping Index. In addition, measurements performed onboard Haaga confirmed that there are hardly any methane emissions from the main engine.

Safety is our first priority

ESL Shipping’s operations and all of its vessels are certified in accordance with the requirements of the International Maritime Organization’s International Safety Management (ISM)


Social responsibility

At the end of 2019, the group employed 337 maritime professionals, out of which 85 percent at sea. Noteworthy is that this figure includes only the personnel on the the group’s owned vessels. Moreover, over 350 seafarers work onboard our time-chartered vessels. They are employed by respective vessel managers.

PTC - Our crewing agent in Manila

Mainly manned by Finnish seamen, ESL Shipping’s vessels have also seamen around the globe. Our crewing agent in the Philippines has since 2012 been PTC. In November we arranged a Crew meeting for our crew members on vacation.

ESL manila

ESL Shipping 70 years

ESL Shipping's roots can be traced to 1920s when Polttoaine Osuuskunta, predecessor of our parent company Aspo Plc, started its shipping activities. In 1949 the contract was signed to acquire the first own ship.

Economical responsibility

ESL Shipping's vessels are an important part of the national education system. Annually, more tan hundred future seamen carry out their mandatory training onboard our vessels. In addition, ESL Shipping arranges own crane driver courses.

House modules by sea

AtoB@C Shipping has carried house modules for Lindbäcks, Sweden's leading industrially produced multi-dwelling houses in wood, since 2018. Nearly 40 trucks is needed to carry as many house modules as a single vessel with a cargo capacity of 5,000 tons can transport.


Key figures


  2019 2018 2017
Net sales (MEUR) 175.0 120.1 79.3
Operating profit (MEUR) 14.6 15.1 13.5
Personnel 337 333 236
Number of vessels 51 49 18
Distance sailed (nm) 1,924,140 1,042,595 368,741
Consumption per cargo ton (kg/t) 4.71 3.74 2.64
CO2-emissions per ton-mile (g) 15.5 13.1 10.8
SOx-emissions per ton-mile (mg) 11.69 10.49 10.99

Figures include AtoB@C Shipping from 1st September 2018. Viikki and Haaga were delivered in August and September 2018 and are included from 1st voyage from Japan. Therefore figures are not comparable. Excludes vessels on voyage charter.

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