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ESL Shipping Ltd is the leading carrier of dry bulk cargoes in the Baltic region. Our main clients are the power generation, steel and chemical industries to whom we carry raw materials such as coal, iron ore and limestone. ESL Shipping Ltd has been in business close to 70 years and is a subsidiary of Aspo Plc.

Our mission is to optimise the supply of raw materials for the various industry sectors. Reliable, safe and flexible deliveries give our customers good possibilities for stock controlling. Effective fleet utilisation combined with just-on-time principle needs a lot of flexibility from all parties but gives in return highly competitive freight rates. 

Experienced crew on board and personnel ashore together with the versatile fleet built for the demanding conditions of the Baltic Sea quarantees our customers quality of service they can rely on in all conditions. Ice strenghtened fleet can safely call at most of shallow drafted ports in the Baltic Region. All ships have cranes on board which enables independent cargohandling both at ports and at open sea.

Updated 15.01.2018

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ESL Shipping is the leading shipping company transporting dry bulk cargo in the Baltic Sea. We secure raw materials

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