Experienced in just-on-time operations

ESL Shipping Ltd has close to 60 years experience of dry bulk shipments. Flexibility is one of our main strengths whitch gives us a good possibility to serve particularly well industrial companies, whose production requires accurately timed delivery utilising the just-on-time principle.

Flexibility is further increased by the high quality of equipment. All ships have cranes on board, which gives possibilities for cargohandling both at ports and at open sea.

Experienced crew on board and personnel ashore together with the versatile fleet built for the demanding conditions of the Baltic Sea, quarantees our customers quality of service they can rely on in all conditions.

Ice-strenghtened vessels can call at most shallow drafted ports in the Baltic Region. Large capacity and a strong market position offer excellent opportunities to prepare for changes relating to business conditions, for example. For the clients this means guaranteed deliveries on time.